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Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, I love to work with colors and composition. For years I have worked in the print industry, POP, and POS designs. I always wanted to create each project based on my client's needs.   



Logo Design

The logo is a visual identity for any business. It has to have standard features. I  always look forward to covering these features with the client's request. 



Branding target is an introduction process with all the marketing features. Depending on the business target and its budget it could mange in the different ways. But these days digital methods through worldwide platforms are best in this issue. 



Silk Screen

For while in Iran I had my own silk workshop to print my own designs on clothes. This experience makes me aware of all the silk screen processes. Because of my color combination knowledge, I tried to use a perfect match color for each cloth. 


POS-POP Design

Engaging with all the directions visually, helps me to think over 2D designs. I did  3D projects in Iran from sketch to final execution. All the designs were worked by 2D and 3D software to create a useful mockup for clients.

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