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Style Design

As a visual designer, I always want to play with colors and textures. So this passion drives me to engage in the Style Design business as well.

Based on the season, occasion, and client’s need I design a certain style for anyone who is looking for a new and unique outfit. 


photo 1.jpg
burgundry-green leaf-frame2.jpg
burgundry-green leaf-frame1.jpg
burgundry-green leaf-frame3-burgundy.jpg

Special brooch

I designed a specific brooch for cashmere shawls. I used felting art on top of my pins to match the wool and cashmere shawls. All of my pins are free of needles and this feature protects the shawls from needle damage. In all of my designs, I considered color harmony and contrasts to create a unique result in the style.

brown-yellow felt-frame2.jpg
brown-yellow felt-frame3.jpg
brown-yellow felt-frame1.jpg
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